Metamorphic Light
The Rock - Bury



This is your interactive light sculpture. After a long time and much work we hope you enjoy it.

From the beginning of 2009 for over 10 months artist Jo Fairfax and lighting designer Adam Spinos, from Look4ideas Design have joined forces in a collaboration to deliver this artwork.

23 hollow light sculptures of various heights made from 20mm thick opaque acrylic. Inside each light sculpture there are two rows of Look4ideas branded pixel LEDs. Each Pixel LED is individually controlled and can achieve thousands of colours.

Each light sculpture has an ultrasonic sensor that can trigger various pre-programmed light sequences giving an organic interaction with the environment.

This light sculpture is dynamic and can evolve over time. It is equipped with an extremely intelligent architectural light controller that can be adapted for future events and themes happening in the town, for example Christmas day, Valentine’s Day, Easter day, commercial events etc.

There is enormous diversity and potential, organic development with this light sculpture. The programming potential for this piece is immense and can be transformed over time to suit Bury requirements as they arise.

An example: the sculpture can be used for is as a science and art teaching tool. Local or visiting schools can log in to the light sculpture and experiment with light forms and animations, convert mathematical equations to light or even play animations and videos in an abstract way.

To conclude, this is not just an attractive light sculpture for Bury town centre but an interactive dynamic artwork that can leave a legacy and create a land mark for the area as well as attract economic growth dovetailing with local regeneration.


Our Thoughts and inspirations:

Science, Design, Art, Hands on fabrication, British made, engineering, architecture, collaboration, positive thinking, light and business development were our core inspirations values and guide.
Despite the economic downturn we are proud to deliver this work at its highest standards and prove that with hard work and healthy collaboration beautiful things can happen and business can thrive.

We hope you are inspired and enjoy this artwork

Jo and Adam



Jo Fairfax, NESTA Fellow. Multi disciplinary public artist very experienced in collaborative projects. Works on designing new spaces and sculptural lighting, seating and interactive pieces. Creative Experimenter.

Look4ideas Design – Adam Spinos. Lighting design practice specializing in LED lighting technology and making bespoke artistic lighting for art and architecture. Creates and programmes sculptural lights with interactive facility. Product design as well as other forms of design and creative engineering are also part of Adam Spinos portfolio.



  • Over 2200 DMX channels
  • 732 Power Pixel LEDs
  • Max wattage 1250 Watts
  • Average wattage 670 Watts
  • 1000m of Data and Power cables
  • Endless hours of design and hands on work!


The Rock Bury artwork

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